Our Mission:

To move Riverton forward through public and private efforts and collaboration.

- Establish and maintain a community network with new and existing agencies, organizations and businesses.

- Guide, assist and/or coordinate events, activities and projects through promotion, volunteerism and fundraising.

- Review, evaluate and lend support to Riverton’s businesses and community groups and organizations.


The Riverton Ambassadors meet on the 1st Thursday of every month at 5:30 in the Bull Pen at Riverton City Hall.

Our next meeting will be July 1, 2021.

If your business or community group/organization is having an event, activity or fundraiser, and would like to attend and be included in our next meeting/agenda, please email goriverton@gmail.com no later than Monday, June 28.

Please present your events at least 4-6 weeks for promotional support, and at least 6-8 weeks in advance for event/project support.

Our Board:

Julie Buller, President

Janet Winslow, Vice President

Shandee Andrade, Secretary

Kimberly Hummel, Treasurer

Carol Harper, PR/Media & Communications

Richard Gard - Mayor of Riverton

Tony Tolstedt - City Administrator

Ashley Strickland - Riverton Chamber of Commerce

Helen Wilson - Wind River Visitors Council

Pat Hart - Fremont County Fair Board

Kevin Kershank - IDEA, Inc.

John Birbari - Wind River Radio Network (WRRN)

William Hill, Amanda Gaudern - County 10

Letara Lebeau - Northern Arapaho Tribe

Mike & June Bailey - Bailey Tire & Auto Service

Brett Watson - Riverton Above & Beyond

Bethany Baldes - WYoKETO

AGENDA - RA General Meeting 6-3-21
MINUTES - RA General Meeting - May 2021